From the first nail to the final clean up, you and your home—your most valuable investment— will receive the utmost care and respect. Our single goal is your complete satisfaction.

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Just Exteriors Plus has been installing all types of siding in the Hudson Valley since 1978.

We began with wood and aluminum, then moved to vinyl, seamless vinyl and insulated vinyl. Today we primarily install fiberglass and other composites.

Just Exteriors Plus has the experience, knowledge and means to provide you with the most modern products and installation available. But it doesn't stop there. We understand that installing siding is only part of the equation.

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Just Exteriors Plus began installing roofing the Hudson Valley in 1992. After almost 15 years of earning an excellent reputation as a leader in vinyl siding, we decided to expand our horizons.

After extensive research and some experimentation with different products we settled on the Owens Corning company to supply our roofing materials. To this day, Owens Corning has remained our vendor of choice.

Whether you need slow-slope, flat-roof style, roll roofing or composite, fiberglass shingles, we have the knowledge and skill to ensure a quality installation, every time.

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When it comes to windows, making a decision can be very confusing. There are so many choices and they all seem the same! What should you consider first: Price, company, manufacturer, looks, or construction? What about wood, vinyl or Fiberglass? Which is better?

At Just Exteriors Plus, we understand your plight. We know that to new clients, we're seem like just another company that wants to sell windows. But that's not exactly true.

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From the initial consultation through the no-pressure sales process to the final nail, we make your experience enjoyable and hassle-free. We address your insulation and water barrier needs. Except in rare cases, you receive water barrier/air infiltration house wrap. Your landscaping is always respected. We avoid walking on or damaging plants and shrubs. Questions and concerns are addressed immediately.